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'84 - 240 Turbo with stock Intercooler - black - $800


I have an '84 (black 4dr) Turbo with stock Intercooler.

I had the head rebuilt, and it only has a few hundred miles on the rebuild.
runs great... but the wiring shorted out, a couple of months after the rebuild.

How could they make a car which will go a million miles and 50 years?!...
but the wiring "blows out" after 15 years?
It took me six months and many Volvo professional shops &
dealers to finally get the answer!

I found that back then, Volvo wanted to have their wiring to be "extra safe"
by using different composition in their plastics... so if one had a short... it wouldn't send out the typical asphyxiating blue/black smoke
from wires over heating... however it would only last around 15 years...
and then start DECOMPOSING!... kind of like an electrical "time bomb"!

Well anyway, my car is a perfect parts car, or a project car... for the '84 Turbo enthusiast.
It is pretty much complete. (sunroof & AC & cruise doesn't work)
but the engine is really strong, and the 4sp w/OD tranny only needs the O rings for the overdrive to work. ($65 parts, not hard to do)
Non-Opted Reg for Cal.
I've owned it since '95, (put in new water cooled turbo) but it hasn't run since 2007
Great for someone with similar car, but wants a powerful engine w/good turbo
325,000 miles on drive train

Will sell for $800 - OBO.
I put $1,100 in shop rebuild (maybe can find receipts) only drove 2 months before the electrical shorting.
I have the shop manual
Compression will check out... probably around 160 psi (or


  • Publish Date: 08-16-2013 07:45:41
  • Contact name: Philip Jones
  • Place: Bellflower Ca
  • 1740 times displayed
  • Price: $800