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2006 Volvo S40 T5 RDesign with Heico Exhaust, wheels and trim - $13500


This car was built by the dealer in San Jose and it is literally one of a kind. 2006 Volvo S40 T5 turbo engine has Volvo R-Design body kit, Heico twin-branch exhaust system, Heico Lowering sport springs, Heico rear spoiler and Heico Volution V 18" wheels - perfect condition!! no sunroof, sport edition, seats are unique wetsuit type material. Must see!!! This car is fast, sporty and beautiful. 1 Owner, clean title, almost all maintenance records. Automatic with triptronic, 154,000 miles. I love my car VERY much and it has been my baby for 11 years, I have take excellent care of it. Currently has new brakes, new tires, new battery, timing belt has been changed, new Bilstein racing struts, new front axel and so much more. No accidents. Driver's seat has 1 small rip (only 1 little panel, easy fix). I'm very sad to sell, but I just purchased a hybrid.

Exhaust System
An extraordinary sound event! The HEICO SPORTIV twin-branch exhaust system will catch your eye by its unique and outstanding sportive look on the right and left side made out of high-quality stainless steel beginning at catalyst. In combination with the HEICO SPORTIV sport air filter, the total air flow is thus optimized and provides for an optimum in engine response.

HEICO SPORTIV's Spacer Set offers more driving stability, more optical effects: The track enlargement is realized by two high-strength, corrosion-protected spacers per axle, which can be used for both front and/or rear axles.
The lowering sports springs (30 mm) distinguish themselves by a progressive springing characteristic with increasing compression and an out-balanced driving comfort during standard driving. They can be recommended rather to enhance the optical aspects than for the modification of the driving behavior. They cannot be combined with right-height adjustment.

Volution V, the sports rims of HEICO SPORTIV: Exclusive and thus rare, discreet and perfectly finished. You will appreciate the rim we designed with its dimensions of 8x18, because of the elegant five-spoke design that will not date, which enhances Your Volvo with a sportive and individual look.

The select HEICO SPORTIV sport wheels of your Volvo will not only underline its individuality but also adjust to a higher lateral acceleration and guarantee for an increased driving stability because they have been manufactured according to the high quality standards of HEICO SPORTIV


The exclusive HEICO SPORTIV front grill consists of a chrome frame made out of PUR-RIM with an integrated grid mask including the HEICO SPORTIV front badge.

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