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1981 245 DL 223k


So I regret having to put my 245 up but i need something more able to commute on the highway daily at 70. No major issues with the 240 that an enthusiast wont be able to fix or live with but its time for me to go get an Acura.


Left front wheel bearing
Left front and right front rotor
2 new front tires - tires are ok but on wear bars
Oil Change
Shocks and struts are all fine but original.



http://imageshack.us/g/542/img0676np.jpg/ - Photos Taken December 24th 2011

Here is link with a bunch of photos. The most recent photos are of it being dirty with its hood up, hood is up so i could show you the oil coming out of the dip stick.

This is a solid reliable runner, she just needs some proper appreciation from somebody who will respect her far more then me. I like the 245, but ended up ultimately missing my 850 Turbo.

Car has front quad rounds and a turbo grill. I have a fog light switch around here not installed. Pads are good, everything works except for the rear wiper motor and door locks, there is a minor short that i bypass by removing the #8 fuse. You just need to replace that stupid control module on the back.

Body is GREAT one small ding on the door that you notice beyond that this is a beatuiful car when washed waxed, glass is all there intact, all trim perfect. Luggage rack perfect with no flaking or any crap like that.

223k All original miles, high mileage badges, Collectors plates. - There is zero rust on the car that i could find, i looked in all common spots.

$1000kinda firm but i dunno toss me a cash offer - I do believe this is fair considering the body and age of the 245. They are getting harder to find in a very solid condition and of course obo means i'm flexible.

Car is in Puyallup/Tacoma WA. Please email at tamclane@gmail.com

  • Publish Date: 12-26-2011 12:19:17
  • Contact name: Ty
  • Place: Seattle WA
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